I had the pleasure of fishing with Capt. Daryl and Super Mario on Contango in Punta Cana. All I can say is what an amazing day. After getting picked up at the resort and a short drive to the marina he gave me a quick tour of the boat. I was somewhat in awe a 53′ Jarret with twin 1500 hp diesels that you could eat off of.

We threw line and headed out around 11am once we cleared the harbor we were greeted with huge floating mats of sea grass with no end in site. The Capt. got on the radio and the report didn’t sound promising only fish caught were some small dorado. I’m not going to kid you when I heard that my heart sank. For the last three years I’ve tried to get offshore and now that I am fishing sucks. I think the Capt. could tell how I felt and said don’t worry one way or another we are going to get you on some fish. He didn’t disappoint.

After 20 minutes or so we found some clean water and he gave the order to start setting lines. Super Mario got started within a few minutes we were up and running. Long and mid lines with skirted ballyhoo along with a ” floppy teaser and a dredge off the outriggers and two naked ballyhoo off the transom just out of the prop wash. I was sitting up on the bridge watching the spread when a call comes from the deck “fish on” I hop down and Mario hands me the rod and says small dorado. After a short fight he grabs the leader and flips it on the deck and toss it in the box. OK not great but things are looking up.

I go back up and start watching the spread again. It wasn’t ten minutes and just as I see a flash around the teaser the Capt. yells out marlin. As he is pulling in the teaser he’s calling direction. We watched the marlin attacking the bait all lit up bill slashing after what seemed like 5 minutes he finally ate it. Mario lets the fish take the line and gradually cranks up the drag as I’m climbing down to the deck. Once the hook hit home and hands me the rod the fish goes nuts and starts greyhounding away from the boat with the drag screaming. He wasn’t huge but he sure thought he was and he gave us everything you could ask for a couple of good runs,water clearing jumps, and windshield wiper at the boat. We ended up raising 5 marlin and landing 2 along with a blackfin tuna, a king mackerel, a barracuda and 7 dorado.

If you ever get down there and want to spend a day with a great Capt. and crew be sure to look him up. Tell him Capt. Brett sent you and I’m sure he’ll take care of you.