From a piece in The Field magazine, the following article discusses the trials and tribulations of conquering blue marlin and what it takes to land the big fish, from Captain Brower of Contango’s perspective.

“I would say the average marlin here runs to around 100lb, with bigger fish travelling through in May and June I estimate to be around 650lb,” says Captain Daryl Brower, a skipper at the Casa de Campo International Blue Marlin Classic event. “And in 2015 we saw a couple of fish in the 400-500lb class. But we’re not really trying to fish for those. We scale our tackle, baits and lures to match the usual class of fish travelling through.”


“Our standard tackle consists of 30lb-class outfits, with custom 20-40lb-class rods and Shimano 30 Tyrnos reels spooled with 500yd of 50lb braid backing and 250yd of 30lb Momoi Diamond high-vis yellow line. Depending on the class of fish travelling through and our angler skill level, we also use Shimano Tiagra 50s reels spooled with 500yd of 60lb braid backing and 250yd of 50lb Momoi Diamond hi-vis yellow line on custom 50lb rods,“ says Brower. “At the business end we use a combination of small to medium lures with ‘J’ hooks on 200-300lb leader and natural baits of ballyhoo or small ‘bullet’ tuna on a 80-130lb leader with 8/0-9/0 Mustad circle hooks. Sometimes we pull all lures, sometimes all natural baits, or a combination of the two. We typically pull two hookless bridge teasers, consisting of two squid chains, or a squid chain and a large lure teaser. We also pull two double dredges, which have mud flaps and mullets as teasers.”

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