One of our recent fishing groups, led by John “JP” Pullaro with United Hoist Equipment, Inc., had a special request – help children in the local community while visiting the Domincan Republic.

After a few phone calls and guidance from Mrs. Anna-Lisa Bracett, one morning before fishing we took a bumpy ride to the little Juanillo School, a modest two-room school house with 40 students ranging from 4-14 in age. Once JP delivered his message about John 3:16 , interpreted by Mrs. Anna-Lisa to the children, we handed out toiletries, toys and John 3:16 pamphlets in Spanish. We also distribted John 3:16 soccer balls and bracelets that he had packed in two huge suitcases for the children.

I don’t think a lot of school work was retained that day, and honestly our day was made whether we caught a fish or not! Interestingly, our first bite when we got out later that morning was an 85lb. white marlin, one of the largest I have ever landed – so big that it had two grown remoras on it!